Hour 23–Don’t Get Me Started

I want to live in a world

free of Karens

who might get their panties in a bunch

thinking about what toppings other folks

put on their pizza

Free of trendsetters

and influencers

Free of consumers

masquerading as citizens

I want to live in a world

free of programming

Hour 21–Regressing

71 years old

First time being on the mainland in 13 years

First time in Nebraska

First time meeting some of my wife’s relatives

What seizes my attention?

That’s a rabbit!

A squirrel!



Hour 20–Noche

She’s my new routine at work


she has me trained

Sweet black kitty girl

Medianoche midnight

She’s trained me

to watch her jump up onto the table

trained me to offer my arm as she leaps onto the seat beside me

the seatback behind me

She’s trained me to allow

her to be trusting


but make a change to the routine



Hour 19–How Can It Be?

A harbor with no ice? Is true!

What fishing boats supposed to do?

And residents with dying fridge

without the cubes we wish to bridge

across the waters of our thirst

our patience true about burst

we make our way and simply pay

we buy bag ice da kine Safeway


Hour 18–No Promises

If medication sorely helps

And keeps at bay my muse’s yelps

then I might perk a bit upright

to forge ahead into the night

through moonlight’s bite and midnight’s roar

aloft across our salty shore

that I may place a word or two

to help express my love for you

Happy writing, my love!




Hour 17–Driver’s Exam

Please complete the written portion of your driver’s exam as soon as possible, preferably by yesterday. Monitors are watching. NO GEL PENS!


  1. When apologizing to a police officer one should always, A. Wear a mustache, B. Offer to pay for coffee, C. Speak in free verse, D. All of the above.
  2. Tire pressure must be maintained by law. Tire pressure maintained by a tennis pro is, A. A mistake, B. Subject to jury ruling, C. Iambic, D. Okay if tennis pro owns the tire store.
  3. Never park closer to a fire hydrant than, A. About yay far, B. The length of a ’78 Montego, C. One year, D. Parks & Recreation.
  4. Water boils at, A. 114 degrees Celcius, B. The bottom of my radiator, C. Will, D. Newark, New Jersey.
  5. Turn signal lever may be found on, A. Amazon Prime, B. Joey’s car, C. This exam, D. The equator.
  6. Safely enter a roundabout in what direction? A. Nonet, B. Rondel, C. West, D. Tasty Kreme.
  7. How much ethanol is allowed in gasoline? A. What the sign says, B. 40 gal. per million, C. How big Big Gulp?, D. 18 years of age.
  8. What does a YIELD sign mean? A. Triangle, B. You like stink-eye?, C. Carl hasn’t stolen it yet., D. C.S. Lewis.
  9. Not that you would know, but a 4-wheel drive vehicle has how many wheels? A. Spare, B. Split, C. Steel-belted, D. Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Please describe the formation of the modern U.S. Highway System, in correlation with the Post Modern poetry movement, complete with contemporary references.

Hour 16–In Bed Three Hours Prior to Start of Marathon

As one does, I wondered why one never sees black funeral crepe in museums. Wouldn’t that be a worthy keepsake of a passing head of state? A link with history, with the noteworthy days of old? Was the crepe rented? Used again? Discarded? I decided on the answer.

Abraham Lincoln’s funeral cortege moved by rail from Washington to Springfield, draped in somber black. All along the route mourners stood by the tracks. Waiting. Progress was slow. His final journey, not to be rushed.

Aboard the train with the precious cargo were stationed young boys dressed in black knickers tucked outside among the fluttering crepe. Each boy held a small pair of safety scissors, and with dutiful care, cut off small pieces to scatter along the tracks where come-what-may would find them. There was singing and tears. Ephraim couldn’t bear to watch.

He worked his fingers for as long as he could. Somewhere near Pittsburgh his hand gave out and he closed the scissors. He leaned back and wondered about his new prospects in Illinois and the uncle hired to care for him. He dozed and dreamed about the dark-haired pretty girl from school who smelled of garlic and carried a hand-painted lunchbox. In his dream he fell asleep and dreamed some more. The train continued west.

No documentation exists for this story. It’s a true story in my head.

Hour 15–Gone to Ground

My muse has gone to ground

along with my electrolytes

If I find her hiding next to the fox in his burrow,

I’ll join them and start an early, welcome hibernation

Ta-ta, tally-ho!

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