Hour 12 Before Darkness

In this world,

it only rains during the day.

She dances until she can move no more.

Take away the shame!

Bring on the inner glow!

She looks up to see other people join her.

Together, they bring the best out of each other.

Make this a holiday!

Celebrate yourself!



Hour 11 Stuck

A wall has shut me out of my creative mind.

I am trapped in darkness, music playing in the background

trying to come up with something that makes sense.

I am tripping, falling, deleting and retyping.

I am so stuck I don’t know where to go from here.

I’m waiting for magic,

I’m seeking for inspiration.

Take me away and let me do my thing.

Leave behind something beautiful.


A gift to unwrap.

I won’t give up.

Please let me back in.

Hour 10 Prompt 10 Moonshadows

If I lost my eyes,

I wouldn’t be able to escape the darkness

that takes over my mind.

I would have to find an inner light

to carry on.

I look around me to see my moodshadows,

spread out in their own spot nearby.

If I lost my eyes,

my cats would still snuggle in my lap

and I would  trace their bodies with my hand.

If I lost my eyes,

I would still be a cat mom

but I wouldn’t be able to write anymore.

My identity would be gone.

Hour 9 Prompt 9 Happiest Kid Ever

Fireflies dance in the trees.

I climb branch by branch

trying to catch them.

They would fly just out of my reach

and I’d lean back to watch.

Up here, the world is far away.

I can escape

and enjoy the view.

My parents’ cottage is a dot on the horizon.

Trees of all sizes surround me.

During the breaks from bad days, I play by myself.

Creating an imaginary world of families and love.

Or doing what I am doing now,

climbing trees,

dreading when I need to go down.

Can I just live up here?

Stay here forever and ever?

Never have to go to school.

Build a tree house to be safe from the weather.

My friends say it would be strange to be so high up

and to live by myself.

I don’t  care. I would have a fireplace for heat

like my grandparents do in their cabin.

I’d eat porridge like the 3 bears

and pretend I am Goldilocks.

I would be the happiest kid ever.





Hour 8 Comfort

Moonbeam shines through the window.

She watches the rain slam the concrete porch floor.

The roof has needed to be fixed far too long.

Money is scarce, she isn’t the only one suffering.

The aroma of coffee drifts under her door.

She perks up like a flower under the sun.

She bumps the shelf on her way to the kitchen

and picture frames crash to the floor.

She scolds herself and remembers,

no more beating yourself up.

She shakes it off.

The hush of the coffee maker finishing its deed

fills the room. The warmth as she drinks comforts her soul.

Everything will be okay.

Hour 7 Prompt 7 Season of the fatherless

Under the late June sun,

she sits in the cold water,

fish nibble on her toes.

Sea shells surround her.

She stares up at the sky;

clouds shaped like fathers and daughters float along.

Ten years have gone

and her dad hasn’t come back.

Life goes on and she follows.


Around father’s day every year,

her wound hurts so much, she stays in bed.

Yet she is one of the few fatherless daughter’s who understands why he’s gone.

Empathy keeps her from being angry.

Mental illness affects each person differently.

And his chases him away.

He has never had a phone or a social media account.

He is like a lone wolf that doesn’t howl at the moon.

It took her a long time to stop blaming herself.

Sometimes she still revisits that guilt.

But it’s time to let it go.

She dives into the water.

Never lose hope.



Hour 5 Prompt 5 Fairies

There were rainbow fairies that lived in the woods.

At night, they would pick a forest somewhere in the world

and engrave hearts into trees.

Gone before sunrise, they didn’t want to be seen.

People in boats wish under the stars

and can could be heard if they are near a heart engraved tree.

Gold fairy dust emerges and dances above their heads

making their wish come true

in two years and two days.

It’s a secret written in a book

as old as the bible.

A person that has a wish come true

will never meet another person with the same experience.

The fairies are born on spring nights with a full moon.

There is a rumor that one day,

they will be extinct.

In the meantime,

they live for others.

Hour 4 Prompt Four Letters

If I could tell you about my night,

I’d start by saying I was so tired

and I went to bed early. The door was cracked

from one of the cats pushing it open.

And I thought I was awake,

staring at the piece of hallway wall that is exposed.

I was frozen, scared, I could hear people talking.

I can’t remember what they were saying.

Then an invisible body ran at me,

I jolted and couldn’t scream.

Then I was awake,

thinking about you;

and how I would stay over at your place.

We would lay in bed together.

I felt so safe.

You were my best friend.

You had a lot of best friends. I don’t know if you knew.

Maybe you have read all my letters. If so, you already know.

I don’t know what number this one is. I lost count.

I miss showing each other our poems.

I was your muse and you were my music man.

I am scared to sleep.

Nobody can replace you.


Hour 3 Prompt 3 Voice (Bop poem)

My husband and I are new to a small town. People are talking.

I watch the world pass me by through the window.

I’m afraid to walk alone yet I can’t stay inside forever.

I would rather hide. I decide to try to wave.

I lift my hand and drop it before anyone notices.

How am I going to fit in when I am too scared to go out?


They say my voice is like a child’s and that I’m as quiet

as a church mouse.


I am sitting on the front porch

in a chair that is like a hug. My cats are sprawled out nearby.

I struggle to wave as a neighbor passes in a red truck.

Being vulnerable is my least favorite thing.

Across the street, the cat hater is mowing her lawn.

I have seen her scare the gray cat away. I read books to pass the time by,

peering over the top to watch. I’m too far away to eavesdrop.

Unlike my husband, I am not the first one to talk.


They say my voice is like a child’s and that I’m as quiet

as a church mouse.


I have my notebook in my lap. I might go for a walk later.

Birds and owls fill my ears. For the first time I am relaxed.

The next door neighbor gave my husband cookies. He said she is a homebody like me.

I am writing poems inspired by prompts. I waved to two people today and I am feeling pumped.

In writing, my voice is clear and strong. I’d rather write than speak.

Here, is where you can hear me.


They say my voice is like a child’s and that I’m as quiet

as a church mouse.


Hour 2 Waterfalls

The words

flow from my fingers

like waterfalls;

Clear and fast, loud and  refreshing.

I am setting my mind free of burdens;

guilt and shame that would darken my days.

I am building poems

like homes;

Strong foundation, beauty entwined, complete.

I collect wisdom like seeds

and plant them every step I take.

Weeping Willow trees grow.

Orange flowers bloom.

I visit whenever I feel lost

which is often.