Eternal Optimism

Scales of Justice

Aptly my symbol.


Compelled to mediate.

Longing for peace,


in a world divided

by extremes.


I spend my days

using my gifts,

diplomatically debating:

Why disagreeing doesn’t

equal hate.


Frustration finds me

flailing in hopelessness.

Words fall on deaf ears.

Minds remain closed shut.

Am I wasting my breath?


Could be, maybe, possibly.

Though it matters not.

My heart won’t let me sleep.

Glass half full,

I persevere.


Cat Comfort

White cats, in a cage

Brothers, quite rare.

Abandoned by their people.


Paw reaches out,

Taps me, “meow”

Take me, take me


I fall in love.


One was intended.

Two came home.

Three lives were saved.


Happily, ever after.


Something New

I roll out of bed

and hit the floor moaning

Yes, it can be said:

How much I hate morning


On a Saturday yet,

When I’d normally sleep in

But, a challenge I’ve set

And now it begins.


My name is Angelle. I write poetry for fun and brain work. I tend to be best at rhyming, Dr Suess type poems, though I try to stretch myself and try other styles, and topics. I am going to try and think ahead for topics and styles, as I am not used to a time I am only doing the 1/2 marathon as my schedule ( and doesn’t allow for staying up all night anymore..

Looking forward to it, and hoping I do OK.