My name is Angelle. I write poetry for fun and brain work. I tend to be best at rhyming, Dr Suess type poems, though I try to stretch myself and try other styles, and topics. I am going to try and think ahead for topics and styles, as I am not used to a time restraint..lol. I am only doing the 1/2 marathon as my schedule ( and age..lol..) doesn’t allow for staying up all night anymore..

Looking forward to it, and hoping I do OK.

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  1. Angelle,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your work – you have such a way to organise words that makes one read it twice… and each time it conjures up another story [for me anyways] then I have to read it again!
    Conversation with a Child had me very emotional while Awakening also hit a chord!
    Thank you so much for sharing your work!!

    1. Adri: ( cool name)

      Why, thank you very much, I am blushing…and coming from someone I think is way more talented than I , it is really nice. It is nice someone liked them too.

      I read a lot of yours during the marathon, but not all, your intro was even cool..I am meaning to go back and read more when I have a little more time…I am sorry I can not quote any specific one at this time, mostly because I read in a hurry , and my memory sucks these days ( lol)..but I remember enjoying them and being impressed and remembered your name, so I could go back. I didn’t read very many that day…mostly because I spent most of the time writing..lol..

      To be honest, I struggle with: compared to most of the marathoners ( including you)and other poets I know, my poems often seem so simplistic/even childish sometimes..weird thing is I am actually a deep thinker type..but, for some reason not often in my poetry..the rhyming ones come easier to me..and it has been suggested I might make a good children’s book poet. a al Dr Suess, my hero…lol.

      Sorry, I didn’t mean to carry on ( succinctness isn’t one of my talents either..lol)..I am just very appreciative for your kind words ..and tickled someone read them and enjoyed/got something out of them..


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