Letter to me–12am

Dear Amy,

I wish you knew
How much I miss you
and your curiosity when
we used to talk.

I wish you could
understand that I tried to
do the very best I could when
trying to help you deal with

I miss our talks that we used to
have in college-
where you would stay up all
night talking to me, not mindful
of the early morning class you had

I know you blame me for taking your
parents- and that is ok.
I had to take them so you would see
that you needed to spread your wings
and fly to your own nest

I know you have passion
in your soul-
I experience it everytime you

Everytime you sing songs of praise
I see it there too- but you hold back
because you think that you have
nothing special to offer

I miss seeing the joy and elation
when you got baptized-
it only took you nine years to
stop fighting me on this point

Stop being such a stubborn crab
I know you need your shell
But you don’t with me. I’m the
one person you don’t hide from.

spoiler alert—

I already know everything.
There’s literally NOTHING
you can hide from me.
Remember that in case you
start thinking that you can pull
one over on me.

I will talk to you soon
remember, I’m waiting
and I’m not going to hurt you

Love, God

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