Second Hour

Most days people can tell you

Who I am

What I’m like

Where I go

When I do things

Why I do the things I do

How I accomplish it all


That’s ok-

To live life sometimes

You have to be an open book

Other times?


Keep them guessing


I’ve got the weekend off

A little cash

A fuck it attitude

And no cares


I wanna do something

not me

Go out to the Red light district

Find someone to see

Maybe have sex-

Maybe not

We’ll see


Go out have my first

taste of whiskey

Make some new friends

Maybe see where it all leads


I wanna go outside the box





No worries on the time

or who I’d run into

Give into all my desires

just going Friday til Sunday


Maybe find the love of my life

Maybe see what other people

do for fun


The time for fun is dwindling down

and so is my night on the town

Come Monday morning–

I’ll be back to straight laced



An open book for all to see


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