Searching for Enlightenment

Searching for Enlightenment


It doesn’t seem like we are on the same path-


You do yoga.

I blast rock and roll.


You inhabit a balanced life,

Mine is in chaos.


You sit pranayama in matching yoga togs,

I’m in gritty work clothes and muddy boots.


But we are both looking for the infinite,

We both seek peace.


You may be serene by the sea,

Seeking calm with measured breaths

and looking for infinity on a pristine beach.


I’m rocking and roaring down the interstate

Purging the assholes from my head with raging rhythm

Submerging in the sound

My spiritual packed between my life’s commitments.


My music is shredding the drudgery,

Burning out the jerks

Windows rattling, blasting down the interstate


I am at peace.

Bette Low  2020

3 thoughts on “Searching for Enlightenment

  1. Your poem made me smile. I’ve been in both of those states of mind — sometimes within the same day — so I can relate. People find peace in so many different ways and you’ve captured that well.

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