Hour 23, Prompt 23 – A Creature Cometh

I was out walking late beneath the stars

to soothe my brain so tightly wound

I glimpsed a thing which gave me such a start

and never had I heard such sounds


Footsteps shuffled, running in the clearing

the woman must be some enchanter

straining to see what it was I’m hearing

a creature cometh wearing antlers


This vision wearing flowers in her horns

the sight already made me pale

her points with seaweed she is such adorned

a gentle face and mermaid tail


They sang together at the waterside

when the moonlight was well spent

then it came to time to say goodbyes

and back into the river went 

2 thoughts on “Hour 23, Prompt 23 – A Creature Cometh

  1. I love the narrative quality of this piece – it really tells a very interesting story. I also really love your title. It’s so catchy! You came up with a very interesting and intriguing creature! Great job. Blessings 😊

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