The Axis of Adventure

On the news today:


“Be on the lookout for three escape artists from a local amusement park, Storybook Land: The Red Fox, Mama Bear, and Pippi Longstocking. Do not approach. Call your local authorities, they may be dangerous.”

You have nothing to fear
I know them well
and would follow them anywhere

The smart Red Fox is a master of the moment
Able to outsmart his way out of any sticky situation

Mama Bear is fierce and strong
She will keep you safe and warm

Pippi Longstocking, my favorite, of course
Storyteller extraordinaire, able to defeat any catastrophe
by her sheer will and pirate strength

They are heading for the high seas
Hurry, quickly, catch-up!
Adventure awaits!


4 thoughts on “The Axis of Adventure

  1. I love this poem! from the alliterated title and the introductory commentary, this is a stylistic adventure too!! So imaginative and it incorporated some of my favourite characters too! I love your imagination. This is indeed a wonderful adventure of a poem! Beautiful and creative- well done!

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