After Midnight


I slip into the star boat.

oats dip gently

across the glimmering lake.


I lie back,

cradle my head.

quiet now, the oars


the stars sing.


heavenly patterns synchronize

While earth is topsy turvy,

Infected, and greedy.

Hello, Stars, I am listening.


Water reflected  stars jiggle.

Something below heaves upward.

I f!y skyward

And slam down in icy water.


Sputter, spit, cough

Spit, curse

what was that?

Nessie ‘s sister?


Treading water, I see

The yellow rim of my row boat.

Arms flailing like a novice,

I grab it , my hands strong.


I hear mom’s voice, you can’t upright it

with strength. With a deep inhale,

I dive under,  tread water,

my hands searching

for the airpocket.

I pant, remember

To slow down.


Slow, deep breaths, steady now.

I heave the boat up, titled

With all I’ve got.

It splashes upright.


No towel. my heart races.

Shivering, I feel for a stashed jacket.

I hear a roar.

A motor boat pulls along side, idles.


Need some help, little lady?

I’m about to snap NOI

When I see the oars

are gone.


looking for these, maybe?I

He slides the oars over.

I’m pissed and pleased.

he’s gone in a puff of fuel.I


I look to the stars.

Be calm, they  say,






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