Lights turn off Lights remain Twinkling red Blue Green Eyes ricochet Across the space From light to light Trying to draw constellations In the dark Maybe this will guide us home

White Plume

White Plume Who knows from where The white plume flew Making the green undergrowth its home Perhaps a little egret Pampered, lost and lonely Left a trail for its mischievous lover Hour 22 @varenyas

Leisurely Stroll

I will take a leisurely stroll by the sidewalk And drink in the site of machinery idling in the construction ground as I walk The wired fence of the site is no barrier to my walk I am prepared to enjoy the journey; that is…


Coffee Storm brews in the beans Gathering a smell of chaos The froth at the top Is stirred up and laid down The cup that holds the brew Waits for an airlift… And melted coffee mellows in the mouth Hour 21 @varenyas


Since life does not consist of what you eat or drink I have always longed to help others to be light in the dark to illuminate the park to be the head to move ahead to be heard as an acclaimed published author Those are…

19. A season is what we need…

A world wide pandemic had to take shape before we slowed our gait. A battle cry from the earth had to be made to set her free.  We did not do it willingly. We were not listening. She needed her plants and animals to flourish….


A youth was shot dead by a policeman in cold blood Other youths raged! Demanding for justice! The street stood still for its fallen hero Tears flowed freely Sadly Followed by a candlelit procession led by over a thousand youths