Announcing the Finishers of the 2023 Poetry Marathon

Dear Poets,

Here’s our initial list of everyone who successfully finished the 2023 Poetry Marathon. These poets wrote 24 poems in 24 hours. Congratulations to everyone who achieved this incredible challenge! You are amazing!

Please note: This list contains errors. We need your help to correct those errors. If your name is in the wrong list, or missing, when it should be there, please let me know by email Any error was in no way intentional. There are so many participants, it is very difficult to create an accurate list. Your help with correcting any errors is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who participated this year!

You can see the finishers of the half marathon here.

When you are ready, you are very much encouraged to comment on the many wonderful poems written during the marathon by these wonderful poets. — Jacob

6 thoughts on “Announcing the Finishers of the 2023 Poetry Marathon

  1. Thanking you over and over for a wonderful job in posting prompts, which were diverse enough for me to find something fresh to say the whole 24 hours.

  2. Truly grateful for having completed the amazing challenge, 24 poems in 24 hours. As a first time marathoner, it’s a great opportunity and achievement. Cheers to everyone! Thank you Caitlin & Jacob for your inspiring and motivating efforts.

  3. Thank you, Caitlin and Jacob, for giving us the opportunity to actually prove ourselves in doing something worthwhile. You guys will remain the best! Antoinette Keyser (as Ant).

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