A Blind Man’s Eye

A Golden Shovel poem, inspired by:
“As is a landscape to a blind man’s eyes”
-William Wordsworth

The eyes and their fickle functions taunt my mind as
they pretend to reveal mysteries to those whose focus is
sharp and dedicated, but their true aims seem to be showing us a
world full of threats and anxieties that hide behind the beautiful landscape.
What appears at first is a breathtaking sight that steals away your worries, before leaving you to
Wonder on what lies beneath the beauty. Eventually, that which you thought was a
sight to clear your mind of all negative thoughts, reveals a plot to blind
you to its obvious beauty, and leave you hollow and empty inside, until you see the beauty of man’s
creations only. And for the sake of your own mind, to nature’s stunning showings, you turn a blind man’s eye.

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