The Light Within

I cannot fathom the power that lives within each of us.
No matter how matted, disheveled, or broken we appear on the outside.
The powers of a single touch alone is baffling.
We can tear at each other so viciously,
Beating the very will to live from the soul of another,
But we can also reach out to them,
And in the moments they are falling into their deepest, fiery pits of hell, we can bring them out, or at least halt their descent.
An embrace can banish loneliness,
And a word can prompt love.
So why do we still insist on lashing out and spreading agony and sorrow?
When we can bring such light to the darkest times of others,
Why do we decide to tear down their hopes and aspirations instead?
We all have within us the potential to save lives. Why don’t we do it?
When you feel that searing anger deep within your chest, ready to explode and tear at someone,
Take a minute to look up at the sky above you.
Day or night, you will see a glow, a shine, a light.
Something is always up there to guide you forward into brightness and warmth.
And you can be that for another, if you only decide to put that shining energy within you to use.
Share your love and light. There’s always someone out there who could use it.

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