Making Up Lost Time

This is not just about keeping up anymore.

This is not just about a goal anymore.

This is my life, this is my story that people will tell after I’m gone.

I’m making up for lost time.

Making up for time I never had the courage to say that I wanted to be with my wife.

Making up for lost time, trying to find a career that I could be proud of.

I’ve spent so much time going in the wrong direction, I feel almost guilty for having the chance to make up for it.

I almost feel guilty that I have to start from the bottom and go up.

But, not that guilty.

I know each milestone has its own place and time and I am damn proud of how I’m creating those milestones.

I feel damn proud that for once in my life, I feel like a go to guy.

I know I have a lot to make up for, but I know, in the end, time will be on my side.

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