I remember the day we got married.

It didn’t snow like we had hoped so we could get our wedding rings for free, but it was cold regardless.

I got the question that so many grooms get before the altar.

“So are you nervous?” My brother asked.

Out of so many years playing a role, out of so many days putting on a show, this of all felt the most natural.

I joked as I usually do, but this time there were no jokes, this one moment in time was void of a punch line.

I was ready.

I was ready to jump for her without worrying if there was any safety bet beneath.

She was my safety net, my life line, and it mattered not if I were to fall a thousand feet, she would be there.

Smile at the ready, telling me without a whisper “It’s okay to fall.”

It wasn’t a big wedding, no extravagant entrance, no pomp and ceremony.

Just two people so in love that the only thing they cared about was the end result.

The moment when our first kiss as man and wife would be the last first kiss we’d ever take.

Of course you can’t have a wedding without something to commit to memory.

I dropped the ring.

Cursing the nail lady that did my wife’s nails, the photographer captured the whole thing in one shot.

I got it on the second try, but not without a red flushed face.

Nearly four years have gone by, each day its own new adventure and I can’t wait for the others.

Of all the plastic personalities and man made problems in this world, above all else, you and I will be one of the few purely natural.


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