At the arena

The ikoro

Summoner of the kindred

You have called

And here we are


Humans and spirits alike.

Here we are at the sacred Grove.

You have never summoned us in vain.

We are here, men and women,

Our ears awake and waiting

To hear what the new year has in stock for us.


2 thoughts on “At the arena

  1. Hello,
    “Arena” always evokes images of tremendous movement and energy: a bullfight, a sports game, cheering spectators, on and on. You create this spirit, but you also add that idea of “sacred Grove” which brings an earnest tone to what we need to do in this arena. Was this your poem for Hour 12 and “Gatherings”? If not, well, I found an important parallel lesson here that fits with the many Hour 12 verses.

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