Inside my pockets


The thoughts of you and what you did to me

Leaves me with a bitter-sweet sensation.

Nobody knew you were in my pockets

Staining the insides

And burning my thigh.

I think your name is derived from the sound you make in the mouth.

I was just eating you moin moin moin

And about to take the fourth one

My teacher appeared.

I think primary four

And the wraps were four.

I quickly dunked you inside my shorts pocket

And so you ruined my entire day,

Moin – moin



One thought on “Inside my pockets

  1. I am confused by this. The poem is written in a mysterious way that leads the moment along nicely. But many of the lines are ungrounded, and have puzzling references that interrupt the reader’s thoughts. Like “I think primary four and the wraps were four.” You might need a little more explanation. 🙂

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