Music in my bedroom

On my bed I lay.

Supine, and occupied with my thoughts.

I stare at the ceiling

As the sound wafts in

Caressing my mind.

It’s a violin playing

CrossOver Two by Mr. & Mrs. Cello.

I close my eyes

Like a child in Dreamland.

The sound surrounds the room,

The decibel goes up so does my spirit.

My unconscious persona clings fast

To the allurement of that sound

Coming from the bedside music box.

I drift and my mind lifts

Like a feather dancing

To the drumming of a whirlwind

On a journey to see God





One thought on “Music in my bedroom

  1. The line “Like a feather dancing to the drumming of a whirlwind on a journey to see God” really touched me. I am a fan of Mr & Mrs Cello. I could identify with your beautifully crafted words. Well done!

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