When we had the sun


Don’t ask me why I’m clad

And the rest are bare.

I have seen two worlds.

Two life times.

I saw the sun.

Humans caressed the sun before it scalded them.

I cover my body with leaves and reeds

Because before me a lifetime away

Men covered their bodies with fabrics.

You do not know what that means, right?

I do not remember what ’twas made of.

A smooth and fluffy body cover,

So cool and soothing, worn by men and women,

And humanity lost everything to technology…

There’s no way to describe it to you.

Just something that transfered the powers of God to man.

They drank much of it and dared God!

Like birds they sailed up to hold meetings in heaven.

Like spirits they sat on the two sides of the great river and held conversations

As though they were in the same room.

Then they began to quarrel,

They began to fight.

They brought down the sun and it burnt everything.




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