#13 – Memengwaa (Missing Person)

She lived in East Vancouver,
or, Edmonton, or, Winnipeg, or, Toronto
She left the Rez when at thirteen.
Young, thin, single, beautiful and battered.
It’s said she met the pig farmer once,
but to this day no one knows that for sure.
She was last seen in two thousand and twelve,
in a needle exchange shop in B.C..
She asked if she could get needles for a friend.
Alberta was cold on January 5th,
the baby’s untimely reception even colder
Daddy was dead, frozen in a field,
the family claims it was the police, no one knows
Mommy was addicted to crack, as too the baby
The child lost a child at twelve
A picture shows a smile and dark eyes to adore
There are only two and the second is blurry
She left an unknown life to a life unknown
Is she missing? Is she dead?
The question is, does anyone really care?

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