#7 – Broken Dreams (non-cliched angst)

The eggs were dry yesterday,
and, each day after I bought them.
It’s true the refrigerator leaked,
but I covered them in plastic wrap
and moved them to the front,
where the leak was minimal.

My girlfriend is coming tonight,
and yes, it is to be a special night.
We will see a play at the Plaza,
followed by a horse carriage ride,
and then, dinner prepared by me,
of an omelet exactly to her order.

She’s in the living room,
watching the Summer Olympics.
Its never been her style to watch,
but she knew I was busy,
dicing her ham pieces into hearts
and slicing the peppers into rings

I assembled the ingredients with care
never letting her know of my proposal
I cracked an egg and another
and the sulfuric smell was intolerable.
I knew they would be bad. I knew life sucked.


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