That Night

Thrashing, in a moment thrust awake

A scream pierces the air, the child awakes

Something is amiss, the screams fail to cease

You hold, you comfort, you coddle

But nothing brings them peace

You start to fear the worst, as they begin to wheeze

The child starts to panic, stricken looks fill their eyes

This child is in danger and we must find a cure tonight

With a sudden burst of speed you rush out the door

Down the road you fly, just warding off the horror

The hospital looms before you

In a panic you screech to a halt

Child in hand you rush in

Crying for someone to help

The nurses fall upon you, looking at the babe

Soon upon a table your weakened child now lays

The worst you think is over, surely I’ts OK

But soon the doctor walks in and you know just by his face

Your heart tears in two, as you fall upon the floor

How could this nightmare happen

How could my child be no more

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