At the starting line …

Hi everyone. This is my test post and self-intro. I’ll be working on a visual poem called SCRO that’s been underway for a while. Starting at 6 am tomorrow, I’ll be generating 24 panels, one an hour, from 24 handwritten pages.

Got the base text finished today. Here’s the first page.

Page 1 base text

Am I cheating? since the writing’s done ahead of time? My feeling here is, the poem isn’t the writing, it’s the visual poem that the writing turns into. I’d do that with the page above to show you – but the marathon hasn’t started yet! so that would be cheating.

Here instead’s a transcription of the page …

— pictures of the house I could
send him now that the land-
scaping’s almost done. Bay
+ I set raised beds—2 big
ones for summer vegetables + 3
smaller ones where I’m going
to plant fruit trees I need to
drive up to Cloud Mountain
Farm to choose. There’s a
greeting. Another is, before
I’d even heard that the mort-
gage was more than a
bank was going to lend me on my
own, he’d e-mailed to ask if he
could help. The house is my own
—bought w/ my labour —
but his name verifies mine. A
bed under the LR window for
perennial herbs, a bed under
the kitchen window for edible
flowers. We laid drainage in the
fall + raised + levelled the
yard w/ topsoil to try to dry

And links to a description of the project, on my blog, if you’re curious.



Looking forward to racing among you all tomorrow!


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