I’m the poetry man

well, I’ve never seen a U-Haul follow a hearse to a cemetery.

Judge,Lord Judge  take that

Flap Jack take that

Molva and Mohammed

You want my, well I betcha

Send me to the’lectric chair

Stay away from me I’m in my SIN you hear that laugh track

Flapjack laugh track pop that collar and holla

Judge the bootlegger with the pound of flesh

Judge Lord Judge

Take that puddin’ and fine fat brother

Send me to the ‘lecturing chair

For you will know my name is the ….

Stay away from Emc2

I’m in my sin laughtrack

Flapjacksprat, who lies to the BONE

Make it



Track to outta my sight

Daddyya done broke out


Jack off on your wheels, fall up

I’m off, cockukacho






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