The Baptism…

Love the lord or get the fuck out of my house. I conceded and remembered wading in a pool of water the size of a backend of a sauna and cloudy with a dead rat floating by with roaches trailing behind. I baptism thee in the Name of the…I didn’t want my hair to nap up and I knew my Mother waited patiently on the other side with sunglasses, a migraine, and a moldy towel. Just get it over was all she said.

My Father held me under what seemed an eternity. Damn, my hair got wet and what was the point of all this…oh yeah, I needed a place to stay and my soul wouldn’t go to hell…I pulled at his fisherman boots and glub, damn roach rat water.Hallelujah! I’m saved and waded in the water…Oh yeah daddy, can I read the porn in the trunk of your car?

I once was lost and now am found…Momma can I have a drink too?i had a rough day and I can go to heaven now. I had a double scoop at Velvet Freeze, lemon and bubblegum. My favorite instead. I wore an Afro the next day to gym that morning. Was blind, but now I see.

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