Hello from Houston, Texas!

My name is Daniel.  I am first time marathon participant.  I have rarely written poetry; and do not consider myself an avid reader of poetry.  I am joining this marathon to expose myself to something new; to challenge myself; to feed my need to create; to meet new people; and to share in this communal experience.

I am a folk art enthusiast, a collector of creches, an appreciator of early music, a baker, a believer, and a creative.

Solving problems is something I love to do in addition to innovate, develop systems, design things, write, think, and strategize.

Seeing the future as a fixed destination is something I do not do.  Instead, I see it as a place I create out of the choices I make right now.  I live in the moment.  This does not mean that I do not have a plan or plans.  I do.

I am drawn towards people to help them experience success.  Each individual is a work in progress and their potential is all I see.  I am fueled by the sign of growth in others.  This brings me strength and satisfaction.  I hope others can realize that my helpfulness is both genuine and fulfilling to me.

Time alone for musing and reflection is very important to me.  I like to think.  I like mental activity.  I am introspective. A mental hum is one of the constants of my life.

I derive a great pleasure and strength from being around close friends.  I am comfortable with intimacy.  I deliberately encourage a deepening of relationships, accepting the risk that this certain kind of closeness implies.

These themes: adaptability, development, intellect, and relator will help prepare me for the marathon.

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