Skin made of paper

Bones made of wire

Ink replaceblood

Eyes burning fire


Time has mormeaning

Than any place on earth

Goodbyes stealthe should’ve s

Wasted on lies merth

Goodbye to your shadow

I now clip your wings

You never were an angel

And you never shall be king

Your name remains unspoken

You don’t know what to choose

But soon you will become

The one you wish to loose

Until God should design

Man of a new meatal

Return you to the ground

For time and let it settle

For now enjoy the silence

Perched up on youmantle

Surround  yourself with things

Go build your dream toy castle

But as time slips by

The only face you’ll have

Is lonely reflectiom

And what you could have had




Ghosts will call your name

Echo in yoursoul

The empty hall of veins

That quiet evermorel

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