The Last

I said all I had to say
Colour now erase the grey
Morning sun blazes creep
My eyes now heavy longing sleep

A journey now come to end
Blanket well in word you spined

Spark Knowledge

He loves to the stars
Calls me his instrument
Playing on my body
Claiming for life spent

And as each day brings more
I gently fall in love
Loosing self in eyes
Spark knowledge from above


Purpose lost it’s meaning
Somewhere along the way
Lip tremble, tighten
Unable words to say

Every message sent
Meant only for your eyes
Beneath world microscope
Now jealous within lie

Make it known my key
Is tucked within your hand
The lock which they have frozen
Undone, I live again

Let them play the voyeur
Seeing that unheard
As I draw you closer
Breathe on every word

Unrealistic Soul

My soul is unrealistic
He says as wind design
You fly the metal earth
And followed your divine

He left the words
Upon my lips
Sou d and rhythm
Slowly dripped

It pumped my blood
It gave me life
It spoke my secrets
To the night

What makes your dream
The one that’s right
The burn in you
The driving fight

The blessings that fall
In your lap
I have them too
And am on track

Just like you
I made a plan
And follow it
As time commands


I heard the crack
Within her voice
Speaking words
That weren’t her choice

Time will tell
The truth you hid
Come unearthed
Come unhinged

Power struggle
Play no more
Split your tongue
And make it sure

I proved the done
The distance fought
Now in your web
Leave you caught

The robes behind
Which you hide
Soaked in blood
While innocence cried

Prove without
Shadow doubt
I am the Force to
To block you out

Banish thrice
And thrice again
Alone you stand
In your insane

Fear of Silence

I understand the fear of silence
I now choked down the thought
Spent waiting in anticipation
For other shoe to drop

Hidden in that void
Where soul should find it’s asleep
Instead is deafened mind
In pounding of heartbeat

Raw nerve vibrate
Staccato on the pulse
Crackle with confusion
Leave you at a loss

Direction ever lacking
Bounce one to the next
Putting out the fire
Insanity has set


I feel disconnected
Somewhat oddly strange
Locked inside myself
To never feel again

Stars may fall like tears
As Heaven claims the clouds
But voices in my head
Choke, and don’t allow

The silence that it robs
Traitorous dyed grim
Claiming now your flesh
Becoming now your sin

Blending now in dust
Mixed becomes my breath
Pounding heart uncluttered
Fading in my chest

Cascading fire fed
Molten now the earth
Crusted hard beneath
Solid for the lurch

Ground does move in shadow
Binds me to the change
Cannot undo lost time
Cannot erase the frame


That’s the world I want
Alone with only you
The only one who sees me
The one who knows me true

Holding back intruders
Who insult my face
Sealing closed my heart
Now dwelling in your space

Shelter now my soul
Bring me, make me home
Element burned sacred
I no longer wish to roam

Worn out from the journey
I beg, give me rest
Taking gentle finger
Hair across your chest

Head in bowed affection
Kiss now my third eye
Take me in your whisper
Beyond the darkened sky

Every secret fall
And you judge me not
You save me from this Hell
Purgatory has forgot


Searching for the words
The one’s I’ve left to write
The one’s still trapped inside
Fighting to find light

I can bear them calling
Sense the images they paint
I can sense the being
Tongue speaks of as faint

Orchestrated motion
To perfect setting sun
Storm cannot stir
What has not begun


Time for me to tuck you
Inside your little box
Far from my heart
Forever locked

Your fear has made you a liar
When what I most desire
Was nothing but the truth

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