Recipe for Starting Over

1 Courageous Heart (Do not confuse this with bravery. Bravery is for the fearless. Courage is pulled from the depths of the afraid).

2 Boarding Passes (One for the first part of the journey; one for exiting the layover).

3 Keys (One for the gate, one for the mail box, one for the house).

4 Deep Breaths, separated and keeping one in reserve

5 Whisper Prayers, in small bits

In the former house, prepare the Courageous Heart. Whisper a bit of Prayer (1)  and add a Deep Breath (1). Close the door behind you. Enter the friend’s vehicle and ride to the airport. As you exit the car, take another Deep Breath (2) and hug your friend good bye. Retrieve your Boarding Passes and move them to an accessible pocket. Travel through security (!!) and head to the gate. When your group is called, give your first Boarding Pass (1) to the gate attendant. Add a Whisper Prayer as you depart (2). Let calm rise for 3 hours to your layover. At the layover city, prepare your Courageous Heart for the second part of the experience. Add another Whisper Prayer (3), comb your hair, and have a snack. Returning to the gate, retrieve the second Boarding Pass and hand to the gate attendant. In your seat, relax for 2 hours, letting joy rise. As you disembark, joy should now be risen high in the Courageous Heart (if not, add another Deep Breath (3) and Whisper Prayer (4)).  Accept your rideshare, noting the landmarks and neighborhoods as they pass. As you enter the driveway, pull the Keys from your bag. After tipping the driver, use the first Key (1) to open the gate. Enter the courtyard. There may be tears at this point; that is not unexpected and will only add to the flavor of the experience. Make your way to the front door and use the Key (2) to open it. Note: the Courageous Heart may flutter for a moment but this will pass quickly. Enter the house quietly, taking in the light and newness and possibilities that greet you. Set aside the third Key (3) for retrieving the mail later, when the excitement has settled into joyous contentment. Take a Deep Breath (4) and say a Whisper Prayer (5). Take your shoes off and walk barefoot through the space. Let your Courageous Heart embrace its new HOME.


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