“Dear Debbie, Age 13 With Your Knee Injury”

You never even stopped to ask yourself,

Do you know how to ride a motorcycle?

Crazy Adventures lead to mishaps

That haunt you for awhile!

If your folks had been present,

You would have never ridden that bike through the wood!

You’ve always been to curious for your own good.

The rest of your life has been filled with pains and aches.

All because you gave it gas instead of using the brakes!

Several trips to the dentist, to fix your broken tooth you see.

Plus 3 times to surgery to fix your damaged Knee!

Some small words of advice; push forward, go slow, it’ll all be dandy.

Take it from me, I know, I keep several canes handy!

PS. Curiosity is not all it’s cracked up to be!


Debbie, Ages older who’s now more careful with her knee!




4 thoughts on ““Dear Debbie, Age 13 With Your Knee Injury”

    1. Dear Vijaya Thank you very much. These are encouraging words to hear. Hope you enjoyed the marathon. I did very much enjoy the marathon and appreciate your comments have a great day

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