Forget Me Nots

Your face was troubled.

Expressions of fear and worry on your brow.

As the days pass by so slowly,

Your breathing is becoming rattled and labored now.

Two images in the darkness again appear.

One of peaceful countenance as you lie so still.

The other of amazing flowers of vivid blue.

O My Sweet Mama i wish that you could stay.

The Velvet azure flowers have slipped into hazy shadows,

And now have slipped away!

In dimming light of evening comes to me a thought:

The blue flowers that I saw were definitely “Forget Me Not’s”

I sat beside your bed and and listened carefully and watched,

As you took your last two breaths.

Hot tears flooded down as I bowed my head in prayer.

Rest well underneath His wings, I’ll see you soon when we all get to Heaven Fair.


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