Greetings And Great Expectations!

Good Morning Fellow Poets,

My name is Debbie Hainey and I am excited to begin my Half Poetry Marathon once again with all of you!  This a wonderful chance to express our feelings and ourselves, and to be creative and press forward in our beautiful world. I love writing poetry and short blogs on my group called “The Heart Speaks” which is on Facebook.  It is a closed group created by my daughter.  Writing poems, feelings and small or large quips or free verse on this fun group helps my mind, soul and body to exist and create and mostly  to release tensions or happy thoughts. I have joined The Half Poetry Marathon two other times and enjoyed it thouroughly! It challenges my mind and my soul and plucks at my heart strings. When the Marathon is over I feel very accomplished and peaceful as I sit back and simply smile.  I hope to meet some of you in this endeavor as we splash our thoughts onto the bare screen, and share  our hidden beauty from inside our hearts as our words dance onto the empty page! We will watch our covered seeds of thoughts push through the ground level and blossom into glorious blooms of creativity! Good luck to each and all! Have a Blessed Day! Thank you Jacob & Caitlin Jan’s for this wonderful opportunity!

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