To Deanna, the Young Mom

To Deanna, the Young Mom,

Chin up my dear, it’s tough I know
If anyone knows that it’s me.
To have a child who is always sick
Another with a disAbility.
Take the journey day by day
Learn all you can know
It is perfectly okay to cry in the night
For the life you won’t ever know.
What might surprise you, my sweet
Is the life that you WILL know
A life that’s full of happy things
In spite of your time in the lows.
The boys will be just fine
With typical woes mostly
A few things that might shock you
But life is like that, you see.
When the children are all grown
You will find the freedom to soar.
You will go back to school in your 40’s
In order to learn some more.
A job will come your way, my friend
That will answer that yearning call
A job of helping others
In the journey you have already walked.

With lots of love,

From Deanna, the Older Mom

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