Hour 15 – Physical Heart

The Hidden Heart

I look around me every day and marvel at the thought
That everyone you’ve ever met is riding a thin line.
The big and small, the old and young, the ugly and the hot,
We all live out our human lives one heartbeat at a time.

A hundred thousand times each day, our hearts constrict with force,
An organic hydraulic pump designed in such a way,
That sixty thousand miles of tubes are laid out on it’s course
And blood is sent to each of them and ushered on its way.

An engineering marvel lives in every human breast,
yet sometimes we must help it out, for blood is tricky stuff.
Through history the heart attack has stilled many a chest,
But doctors with balloons and stents have helped to make us tough.

So be aware the pulse you feel or hear “lub-dub” away,
Is there because your sleepless heart’s on duty night and day.

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