Insanity Took Me – The Story of My Childhood

Section 1 – Zero to Three

Those were the days

When my mother was alive

I thrived

Like never again.

There was love

And hugs

Peeled grapes

With paté sandwiches.

Section 2 – Three to Six

Insanity took me

Not within me, but without.

A crazy man who,

Paid to make me cry

Never wondered why

He was so sad.

Section 3 – Seven to Eleven

I remembered Mama’s name

At the end of school one day

And so, we had to move

All my fault, he said to me

Slapped into eternity,

This devil at my side,

Bruised my legs

Then to jail he did ride.

Section 4 – Twelve to Fourteen

All for acting was my life

Despite the fear, the pain

The strife

Of wealth pretend, did they.

Much to my dismay

The rode upon my back

Empathy their greatest lack.

Section 5 –High School

Both my loves they hated so

Acting, and a man from

Over there

In the pear.

But what did I care.

They were crazy!

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