Dear Depression

Dear depression,

You fucking suck

I cannot count the number of casualties
I cannot even quantify the collateral damage
I cannot begin to add up the lost years
I cannot even fathom the billable hours
I cannot sift through the pills and treatments
I cannot properly express in any language
Just how terrible you are

You steal, maim, intimidate, and crush
You wrap your tendrils around hearts and minds
You keep people from seeing the truth
You twist sentences spoken in kindness into barbs
You use every dirty trick

Cancer can be excised
Infection medicated
Wounds cauterized

But you, are like a fungus
Crawling and invading and seeping in
An intelligent parasite slowly feeding on its host
Hiding in places no surgeon would dare go

I have lost good friends to you
I have lost heroes to you
I have lost years to you
I have lost good times with good people to you

In short, you are just the worst

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