# 5 poetry marathon: Times’ a changin’

As the hustle and bustle rushed by,
several actors trying to reach their rehearsalgot lost.

“what happened to that seedy restaurant?”
This square as remembered was a bit more dark, dirty with specific cast of characters of its own.

Not this multicolored, flashy, overcrowded shopping mall square.

The square used to hold an essence of character:
when you would walk to the train. hail a cab, or see a show.

It was a place to encounter but never dwell upon a resting post.

Even the musicals seem vaguely familiar….yet the story is buried upon all the colorful costumes, sets, and overly dramatic acting.

This place….has lost its gritty character full of obscure smells and sounds.

As Marlon Brando, Vivian Leigh, and Frank Sinatra reentered their hotel suites and contemplate their day in a city and industry that seems far away from the times of their stardom.

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