Zillion of years ago

Taking meds was not a likely habit, even when sick

I could not take them, even the littlest of them

they should be pounded to smithereens,

put in a tablespoon with some water, and voila!

I’d rather ¬†accept the pill’s after-taste

than take it as it is, in its glorious form.

Our Dad used to give us vitamins to take

Faked taking it in, then take it out again

(until it discolored) then to the trash bin.

Or had to pretend I took it then, again,

flush it to the commode.

Dad, the Doubting Thomas, did the unthinkable

Ensuring the pill entered my body,

by not leaving my side until the deed is done. Bright!

Oh how I hate meds!!

The Pill took it all in stride

Little by little, it wormed unto my system by way of

a pulled tooth? a menstrual cramp? birth control?

thyroid removal? and arthritic attack?

I cannot say no to the Pills nowadays

I came to realize their uses, their purpose, their aim

Bowing to the big P

Accepted that they’re here to stay (I have 6 of them regularly)

Humbly and graciously…

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