2022 #7 – Conversation With Mom

I miss you…

     I know…

Why did you leave so early?

     I didn’t. I left right
     when I was intended to.

I still needed you.
Still need you.

     I am not far.
     I will not ever be far.

Deep down I know that.

     Good it’s the truth.
     I will always be with you.

How do I communicate
with you?

     You know the answers
     to all the questions.
     You know more than you
     think you do.

Do I?

     Yes, you have
     always known.
     You just needed

I suppose that
is true.
I still miss
our talks.

     I miss them too.
     We are talking now.

In a manner of
speaking I guess.
I better go for now.
I am sure we will
talk again soon.

     I hope so.

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