8 thoughts on “I Want To Break Free (2019 Poem 24)

  1. Took me a while to work out why these lines felt familiar (forgot what the prompt was haha) then it all fell into place.

    From the POV of the exercise it works well, but for publishing sake you’d have to acknowledge each title (there is a form of poem which is basically cribbing lines from lots of other poems, I forget it’s name ATM)

    But an interesting exercise I have used with my writing students is to go & bust those “cliches” (song titles). Find ways to see how changing just a word in each line refreshes the imagery & potentially gives you a stronger richer poem because of it. (I have at least two poems I wrote during the marathon where I intend to do exactly that, I wrote a double sevenling where each line was a book title — & I can’t wait to see wait poem lies hidden inside that one 😁)

    Hope this helps

    1. Hi again, and thank you again! Yes this definitely helps and is a great idea. I didn’t really plan to do anything with it because of the song titles, but now I can and I love that. You, sir, rock!

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