Prologue – Hour 12

Erasure taken on Prologue of “Fire And Ice, Season I, Warrior Cats – by Erin Hunter”, e-book version from 2009

Orange flowers throw sparks in the night
Making silhouettes of Twolegs huddled there.
White lights appear, roar past
On a Thunderpath,

At the edge, a cat moved,
More cats followed one by one,
sniffed the bitter air
With the lips curled.

A large tom padded forward
flames lit up black-and-white furĀ  on his powerful shoulders.
His long tail straight up
Sending a message of courage to his Clan.

This was a strange place.

A gray queen flickered her tail uneasily.
She pulled her kids towards her and sheltered it
A black tompushed his way forward, limping heavily on a twisted paw
Anxious yowls rose from some of the cats

The cry alerted the Twoloegs around the fire.

At once the cats fell silent, crouching lower
A missile flew over their heads
Exploded in a burst of thorn-sharp pieces
On the Thunderpath behind.

Ashfoot flinshed as a shard grazed her shoulder
but stayed silent, curling her body
around her terrified kit.
I fear for our safety here.

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