Frannie Z


To my everlasting fear

and delight,

Russ barreled his old Chevrolet

out of the parking lot

af 100 miles an hour.

He and I sang songs

from the 1950’s and early 1960’s

on dates and over the phone.

It broke my heart in two

when he went with Linda.

For days

I cried scrummy tears

right in class

and even worse, in gym.



But a few months later

he sat next to me in Sex Ed.


We put the bed against the door

in my room

and explored the possibilities.


Twenty years later

he asked me out again.

I said no, but that night

on the way back

we sang.


He’s a DJ now

near LA

with wife number 3

behind the golden California door

of a big classic pink Cadillac.


Cactii flower near his garage,

And he wears suits

Instead of black jeans.


His wife blonds her hair

And goes running

After she shops.


Who knows who they’re voting for?


But every time I sing with the radio,

We still blend.




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