Hour #3 (Say One Hail Mary)

Say One Hail Mary

for the boys of the war

in perfect formation

acres and acres of them

still lifes of lives lost

My lovely young men.

Say One Hail Mary

for my father

in similar repose

But even his life,

untouched by early tragedy

should have been longer.

Say One Hail Mary

for me-

I stare at the graves of strangers

and wonder-

Will anyone remember me

with the fluid intensity of loss?

Hail Mary Full of Grace.

One thought on “Hour #3 (Say One Hail Mary)

  1. Ah, yes, the Hail Mary. At first – I thought it was the football term – throwing a Hail Mary, and I suppose it is similar in an odd sort of way. Nice repetition and then ending on the full line really makes the poem feel complete. I love this line: “with the fluid intensity of loss?” What a unique combination of words to so perfectly define a difficult emotion.

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