Forest Life

Photo prompt Photo by Tim 
Forest Life 
Deep in the forest, where critters do live 
The Great Horned Owl hunts in the night
Deer Mice and Bats, Moths and Muskrats
Snakes and Grey Squirrels, Rabbits and Rats
All meals for his family back home in the hole. 

In the marshy wetlands more wildlife survive
The moose and her calf forage for food
Beside Beaver and Otters, Fishers and Mink.
Birds and Bugs, Turtles and Fish all make their lives
In the bogs and the streams.

High up in a tree or deep under ground
The birds in the air the fish in the stream.
They all have one enemy; defenceless against
It comes early in Spring, stays late in the Fall
Death by Wildfire is a very sad end.


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