Swiss Cowbells

Photo by Andrew Shaughnessy                                                                                                                  The Swiss Cowbells.

What a beautiful sound the Swiss cowbell

That echos in the Alps,

The Matterhorn; the pyramidal peak

Still challenges the brave.

The hiking trails where families go

On a Sunday afternoons,

The iron cowbells on leather straps

Are as old as time itself


In that peaceful land of Chocolate Mouse

And Bank Accounts.

With a copper cowbell in your bag

That sound will ne’er be lost.

5 thoughts on “Swiss Cowbells

  1. Yes. That what they are for. But in Switzerland they seem to use more than anywhere I have been. Where the land is flatter I think the sound gets lost. I don’t know but as Julie Andrews sang in the Sound of Music “The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music. “

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