(Hour 18) 15.30pm-16.30pm. PROMPT, genre/theme: “prose/animal”

Hmmm this was tough…

the not-so-scary chezzy bear

he isn’t a big scary bear : he’s my sweet chezzybear : dread bearded
beautiful boy poochybear

wins the heart : of all who meet or greet him : even the hearts
of those utterly heartless humans : who like cats

plays like a puppy : then acts embarrassed when caught

lickytongued : nose sniffing : curious to everything
wants to be involved : to learn new stuff
but not smart enough : to realise
two tennis balls : will never fit in his mouth : at once

big deep eyes guilt trips gullible folk : into sharing tasty human food

hates being left behind : follows me everywhere bear : loyalist of the loyal : chezzy bear
every day lifts me out of the pit chezzybear : wouldn’t know happiness : without my chezzybear

can sleep anywhere chezzy bear : spread-eagled on his back
snoring like the roaring forties : his only flaw : his god-awful farting

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