The Imaginarium

Once I’ve finished my normal waking day,

It’s time for it to give way

To something far more spectacular –

As they would say in the vernacular:

It’s time to get down to business –

There are plots to be finished

And dreamscapes to revisit,

New adventures on the astral plane

A choice from the menu –

Lucid or unconscious?

Preparing the venue

For  absolute calmness

So I can be sure to harness

Every spark of magic

My day-life –

Just a mere shadow

Of the existence

I’ve created with persistence

At the Imaginarium –

An entire universe of my own creation,

Where I can take delight in every temptation,

Discover new pleasures without cessation,

See a new world through tight closed eyes

Renewing my citizenship at every surprise

And I never want to leave…

Sometimes I even try to weave

The normal waking world in with my dreams,

But I’m always woken by defeat

Once again exported

From my dreams

And I emerge thwarted

By a disease

The call reality –

Always a travesty.

(c) Gemma Hinton 14/6/15




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