Hour Six

Pick up stix

Someone once told me if you think in rhymes

You have a mental issue

I rather differ

Poetry is a far more effective method of communication

And it helps me be okay with not actually trying

Pick up stix

Isolating a thought pattern

Selecting one

Without disturbing any others

When all I want to do is combine all the thoughts together

My favorite part was always dropping the

Pick up stix

To see where each one would lay

Which would nuzzle against the other

Which one would move if you dared prove your brother wrong

(Clearly a favored game of our multi-year mandatory, induced boredom)

I never really cared to win

Pick up stix

To pass the time

Instead of competition or advantage

I just never really tried

Left them there on the floor

Someone would say it was understandable

Pick up stix

That would be my therapist

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