I am a slightly crazy nineteen year old girl from a very loving family in Kerala, India. I am a girl who loves to dream.

Dreams may come real …sometimes they may not ..but despite that fact I still keep dreaming.

Reading is next in nature to me. It calms me down , gives me pleasure and takes me away from reality .

Yes I like to run away from what is happening around me because at times I feel that I don’t belong here.

Books are the doors to MY world . And of course I’m a fiction maniac .

I like to write but I’m an extremely lazy girl so it takes quite some force to make me write .

The whole credit for me deciding to write here goes to my friend who is also doing the marathon.

She very often tried to push me into writing without much success . We are of  the same wavelength but slightly different frequency .

At least I can say that I do this for her and yes I’m sure its gonna be a wonderful experience .

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